The cost of rework - a major opportunity for improving productivity in construction

10 November 2018

Reducing the $49 billion cost of rework – A major opportunity exists for improving productivity in construction. How BIM Holoview can help you.

Industry research shows design and construction mistakes cost the non-residential construction industry (across US, UK, EU, AU and NZ) around $49 billion per year, rework typically being 5% of total construction costs. Some estimate as much as 12% of a project’s value is lost to rework, yet incredibly many accept that this is simply the nature of construction. In an industry where returns of 3% are difficult and company collapse too common, it would appear that reducing rework presents a unique, albeit obvious opportunity.

Advancements in digital technology are pivotal to this opportunity. The tools now exist to identify, record and resolve errors more efficiently than ever before. BIM offers great potential to avoid mistakes when models are carefully reviewed and well-communicated across design and construction team members. The challenge for BIM is that collaboration and access to the models by everyone involved during the construction stages is needed to optimize value. Given it’s unrealistic to expect all contractors and sub-contractors to be proficient in BIM, the opportunity to extend the value of BIM exists in technology specifically designed for use by construction teams on-site.

BIM Holoview has been designed to mitigate causes of rework by enabling viewing of BIM models on-site with the Microsoft HoloLens. Because the HoloLens allows hands-free operation and easy movement within the physical environment, it is well suited for use on-site by contractors and sub-contractors. BIM Holoview’s exceptional accuracy for the positioning of models (2cm) is key to its role in identifying errors and avoiding rework.

By making 3D BIM models easily viewable for all involved in construction either off or on-site and through its accuracy of model overlay, BIM Holoview estimates that we can potentially reduce the amount of construction rework by 50%. On a $300 million project for example, this is a saving of $7.5 million.

Even if we take a more conservative view considering that causes of rework vary across different projects, construction types and the level of BIM proficiency etc, then reducing rework costs by only 10% still translates to a very significant saving of $1.5 million.

Your ROI in BIM Holoview for use on this project alone would be 7200%. Even if you factor in purchasing a HoloLens, the ROI is still compelling at 6300%. And where greater than 10% of rework costs are reduced, the ROI will obviously be far greater.

So how does BIM Holoview mitigate the common causes of rework?

IssueAddressed by BIM Holoview
Unclear instructions to workersNothing is clearer to users than seeing the future of their works projected into the real construction environment using the HoloLens.
Error & Omissions By doing a building walk through using BIM Holoview it is immediately obvious when there are design errors or components missing.
Scope Changes/Design ChangesThe new design scope can be projected into the construction environment so that all stakeholders can assess the impact that changes would have on current and future works.
Constructability problemsBIM Holoview is the best tool for assessing constructability problems, as you can see what is intended in place in the construction environment to an exceptional degree of accuracy.
Prefab & Construction not to project requirementsWith BIM Holoview both the pre-fabricators and onsite workers are working to exactly to that same specifications to completely avoid mismatches in requirements.
Non-compliance with specificationImmediately there is a deviation from specification, this is visible using BIM Holoview and project teams can assess the impact of that non-compliance to determine whether corrective action is required.

Because our rework estimates are based on available industry research, we can’t guarantee or warrant their accuracy. Therefore, we would love to refine these figures based on real cases. If you are willing to share your stories with us then drop us an email at Any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential.

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