Survive the COVID-19 Crisis and Prosper in Construction’s Next Normal with BIM Holoview and Remote Assist

By using BIM Holoview on HoloLens 2 with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist you can:

Manage projects from design to execution and operation with benefits in efficiency, coordination, collaboration and the ability to work remotely

Ensuring you are better placed to deliver projects on time and budget

The COVID-19 crisis has forced the AEC industry to respond quickly to substantial unforeseen challenges. Disparate working teams, less site presence and constrained physical movement has amplified the need for even better collaboration, greater transparency and more remote work. Those who are prepared to embrace digital tools that support the new ways of working, will come out better prepared for a successful future.

Work smarter and safeguard your people

BIM Holoview provides the ability for remote stakeholders and teams to ‘see through the eyes’ of an on-site worker (wearing the HoloLens) thereby lessening the need for physically being on-site.

Visualize the build, review 3D designs, co-ordinate projects, prevent mistakes, solve construction issues, monitor progress, undertake inspections, work collaboratively and remotely.

In this video BIM Holoview and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist are running on the HoloLens 2 (on-site worker), while the remote user is connecting in via Microsoft Teams.

The domain expert working remotely has ‘eyes on the problem’ safely and can provide the on-site worker all the assistance they need including marking up, sharing documents and other technical resources.

The on-site worker is able to work hands-free and alone but with access to full technical support to get the job done.

Build visualization

Blending the real-world with 3D models in real-time by using holographic technology provides the most immersive experience possible of digital design. Stakeholders can remotely view a building as it will appear on-site, accurately interpreting plans and their spatial relationship to the physical environment without needing to be on-site to gain complete understanding.

  • Present designs to clients remotely through a person on-site wearing the HoloLens.
  • View the entire building from the outside (see how the design will look on the actual site) and from the inside to the outside (e.g. experiencing the view through windows and doors), as well as understanding how physical areas and layouts will work in practice.
  • Confirm design changes and get sign-off from clients who will have a complete understanding of their design, without needing multiple site visits.
  • Post build, owners can access detailed digital information on their completed building for maintenance, renovations, real estate sales and leasing.

Design and construction coordination

Off-site workers are able to manage last minute design changes, coordinate sequencing and work collaboratively to resolve constructability issues by remotely viewing the BIM model as a precise overlay to the job-site.

  • Site planning is now possible with the HoloLens 2 - visualize machinery, equipment, scaffolding, site amenities, preassembly areas, storage areas and any other site facilities included in BIM models.
  • Project managers can coordinate the sequence of installations from either the site or office with remote contractors in the context of viewing the BIM model as an overlay to the real construction site.
  • Because BIM Holoview is extremely accurate (to 1cm) engineers and contractors can confidently identify design mistakes, and resolve clashes and constructability issues early to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Fabricators can confirm the components that they are making are correct, ensure on-site elements like tiedown bolts are in the correct place and that there is enough clearance for successful installation.
  • For temporary works, contractors can ensure outriggers are placed in suitable locations without impacting building integrity by using BIM Holoview’s x-ray viewing option or ‘hide on tap’ option to peel back layers of a building.
  • Building owners can visualize different fit-outs and layout options.

Communication and collaboration

Communication is transparent – Everyone views the same design in its place, in real time either pre, during or post build. Work together from anywhere to review plans, monitor progress and solve issues without risk to the health of workers.

  • Face to face contact through the HoloLens with real-time assistance from remote experts and direct access to project data reduces the uncertainties, anxieties and mistakes that arise from limited on-site support.
  • Any corrections or changes to a BIM model can be relayed from an on-site user to a VDC Manager working remotely with visual context of why these need to be made.
  • Sub-contractors can collaborate remotely to solve clash and constructability issues.
  • Issues are resolved quickly and collaboratively. Disputes which could potentially lead to litigation can be avoided.
  • Immersive training sessions and site inductions can be performed remotely.

Permitting, plan review, compliance inspections

Provide accurate information in support of permits, review plans and issue corrections, remotely undertake progress walk-throughs, undertake compliance checks.

  • Provide information for permits (coring, chasing, cutting, piling, excavation) by superimposing relevant BIM models onto site.
  • Overlay the model onto the actual foundations to check reinforcing is in the right place, and footings are to the correct depth and set-backs.
  • Undertake pre-pour checks to confirm positioning of services, penetrations, rebar (slabs, columns, walls).
  • Conduct quick checks of proximity to services or structural components.
  • Remotely conduct code of compliance inspections for all elements included in the BIM model.
  • Building owners and stakeholders can remotely participate in progress and compliance inspections making the process transparent.

BIM Holoview helps you deliver projects on time and budget by mitigating common causes of cost and schedule overruns

The Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 measures are costing construction companies an extra 5% on their projects and increasing timelines by around 30%.

This is on top of already losing 5% of a project’s value to rework arising from design and construction mistakes.

The Opportunity for Improving Productivity

To mitigate the additional costs and schedule overruns caused by the coronavirus, construction must:

  • Get serious about improving productivity using digital tools, particularly those that enable remote work, and
  • Embrace a more efficient approach to project execution.

The Solution – Expand the Use of Digital Tools

BIM Holoview is purposely designed to mitigate the cost of rework, encourage collaboration and improve project coordination using the best in mixed reality technology.

Microsoft’s release of the HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist has enabled BIM Holoview to offer all its benefits now through remote assistance. Having non-manual employees work remotely presents the opportunity for substantial savings and extends the value of BIM Holoview to include keeping AEC workers safe whilst meeting project economics.

The HoloLens 2 comes with notable advancements. It can be successfully used outdoors and comes with replaceable head pads for improved hygiene. Most significantly, new hand interactions make it even easier to use which is great for companies wishing to upskill and reshape their workforce into one of greater versatility, collaboration and engagement.

Save 20% on COVID related project cost increases

Reduce schedule overruns by 30%

Reduce rework costs from design and construction mistakes by around 50%

“Physical distancing, an increasingly remote workforce, expanded use of digital tools— these are the characteristics of the next normal in construction”

McKinsey & Company – A New Paradigm for Project Planning