Reduced rework, improved productivity in construction

Contractors typically lose 5% of a project’s value to rework due to design and construction mistakes. Some estimate it is as much as 12%.

BIM Holoview has been specifically designed to mitigate causes of rework by enabling viewing of BIM models on-site with the Microsoft HoloLens. Because the HoloLens allows hands-free operation and easy movement within the physical environment, it is well suited for use on-site by contractors and sub-contractors.

On-site visual verification of BIM models ensures effective communication and collaboration of all construction team members, better co-ordinated processes, and the exact placement of structural elements and services. BIM Holoview’s exceptional accuracy for the positioning of models as overlays onto the actual environment (to 2cm) is key to its role in identifying errors early and avoiding rework.

By making 3D BIM models easily viewable for all involved in construction either off or on-site and through its accuracy of model overlay, BIM Holoview can potentially reduce the amount of construction rework by 50%.

On a $300 million project for example, this is a saving of $7.5 million.*

*Disclaimer: Figures are an estimate only and BIM Holoview does not guarantee or warrant their accuracy.

So how does BIM Holoview mitigate the common causes of rework?

Issue Addressed by BIM Holoview
Unclear instructions to workers Nothing is clearer to users than seeing the future of their works projected into the real construction environment using the HoloLens.
Error & Omissions By doing a building walk through using BIM Holoview it is immediately obvious when there are design errors or components missing.
Scope Changes/Design Changes The new design scope can be projected into the construction environment so that all stakeholders can assess the impact that changes would have on current and future works.
Constructability problems BIM Holoview is the best tool for assessing constructability problems, as you can see what is intended in place in the construction environment to an exceptional degree of accuracy.
Prefab & Construction not to project requirements With BIM Holoview both the pre-fabricators and onsite workers are working to exactly to that same specifications to completely avoid mismatches in requirements.
Non-compliance with specification Immediately there is a deviation from specification, this is visible using BIM Holoview and project teams can assess the impact of that non-compliance to determine whether corrective action is required.

With BIM Holoview, plans and constructability are verified early before mistakes are made. Construction elements and processes are better communicated between designers, managers, contractors and clients thereby improving project efficiency and avoiding costs inherent with changes, delays and rebuilds.

More comprehensive understanding of BIM models

BIM Holoview makes it easy for people to better understand design concepts, structure and constructability thereby avoiding costly mistakes. Not until you experience a realistic 3D holographic model of a building can you really understand the design, spatial dynamics and interaction of complex systems as they will be completed.

Architects and contractors can easily show the client what their building will look like when complete with BIM Holoview’s table-top mode which has the advantage of a transparent mode for a ‘look-inside’. Construction teams can also easily see the complete picture of a construction project pre-build or off-site for planning, then more effectively manage construction processes on-site during the build.

BIM Holoview can also be used off-site for pre-fabrication or can be applied to civil engineering projects.

Post-construction benefits

Post-construction, BIM Holoview enables Facility Managers to 'look through walls' precisely locating hidden MEP services for maintenance and up-grades.

The look and feel of different fit-out plans can be easily viewed to optimize the use of space. By providing the truest experience of proportion and perspective BIM Holoview allows users to make the best decisions regarding placement of equipment, furniture and fittings.

BIM Holoview provides building owners access to more information on their completed building adding value to real estate sales and leasing, and to future renovations.