BIM Holoview was designed to give you the ability to ‘see through walls’. Not just because ‘x-ray vision’ is a pretty cool superpower to have but because we saw the opportunity to create a tool that would support critical decision making and help you to work smarter.

We knew the obvious need in the building industry is to get things right first time to avoid costly mistakes associated with re-builds or delays. So improving construction project efficiency was a primary aim. We also recognized the desire that we humans have for experiences, the more real the better, as well as our insatiable hunger for new and innovative technologies especially in the design field.

When the latest in mixed reality technology from Microsoft was introduced, the Hololens, we knew it had real potential to revolutionize how building plans are visualized and communicated. By converting 3D Revit and Navisworks models into full scale holographic images viewable in the actual build environment, it would provide an unmatched level of real-world proportion, scale, form and perspective of building plans.

So with the expertise of our partners, BIM Holoview provides you the ability to ‘see through walls’ (and also floors and ceilings), enabling you to immerse yourself in a design to truly understand it.